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Bond Touch Help Center Getting Started. Information regarding the setup process of your newly purchased Bond Touch.

How can I track my order? | Bond Touch Help Center When you place an order with Bond Touch, you’ll get an email with your order number. Our logistics partner will also send you a tracking number once your order is processed and shipped.

Quick Start Guide | Bond Touch Help Center Hey, first things first: thank you for choosing Bond Touch! Welcome aboard, Bondito 😉. Bond Touch is an emotional wearable that allows you to send little touches to your partner through a small bracelet.

Shipping | Bond Touch Help Center Usual concerns regarding the delivery of your Bond Touch.

Information Manual | Bond Touch Help Center This information guide, contains safety, handling, disposal, recycling and regulatory information as well as the limited warranty for Bond Touch.

Is Bond Touch waterproof? | Bond Touch Help Center Oh yes 😎. The new Bond Touch generation (everything sold after July 2019) is fully Waterproof! So you can take Bond Touch to the beach, the pool or for a shower.

My Bond Touch is not connecting | Bond Touch Help Center Your Bond Touch needs to be connected to work properly. You can only send touches if your module and phone are connected to each other. So here is the first thing that you need to check first:

Bond Touch FAQ | Bond Touch Help Center We hear these questions a lot. Here in the support team, we’ve found that some questions pop up pretty regularly. You’ll find those questions, and their answers, right here.

Battery Alert Guide | Bond Touch Help Center If you're ever wondering what a blinking light on your bracelet that is in a different color from your profile color means, we've prepared an alert guide within your Bond Touch App.

Updates | Bond Touch Help Center A bit of information regarding app and firmware updates. When we release a new update, you’ll receive a notification on your phone. To install the updates automatically, you just have to tap it.

Getting Started | Bond Touch Help Center Getting Started. Information regarding the setup process of your newly purchased Bond Touch.

How to update my Bond Touch's firmware | Bond Touch Help ... Firmware is like software but for hardware devices. Like any app or device, your Bond Touch might need to be updated from time to time. First, make sure that you charge your Bond Touch.

Customer support Schedule | Bond Touch Help Center We’re here to help you with questions and doubts that you might have Mondays through Fridays, from 10am to 7pm London time. Depending on where you are, this usually translates to:

Warranty and Returns | Bond Touch Help Center Please keep in mind, when requesting any sort of return or replacement, we kindly ask you to provide us with your order number or any sort of shipping or contact information relevant to the order in question.

Edit my profile | Bond Touch Help Center You can edit your profile with just a couple of steps. So if you want to change your profile picture, your name or the color of your Bond Touch lights, this is all you have to do:

My Bond Touch doesn't charge. | Bond Touch Help Center When your Bond Touch is charging, it displays a blinking white light. Once your battery is fully charged, a constant white light will shine on your module.

Shipping Times | Bond Touch Help Center If you order one of our products, here’s how long it normally takes to deliver them for the areas that we’re shipping to: USA - 2-4 business days. Europe - 5-9 business days . UK - 2 business days . Canada - 5-11 business days. Australia, and New Zealand - 7-11 business days. These are expected delivery times after the product is shipped.But, to be honest, these times depend largely on our ...

COVID-19 and what to expect? | Bond Touch Help Center Our logistics partners are still operating, so we’re still shipping orders. Delivery delays are expected, unfortunately, and they will depend on the restrictions implemented by each country or state.

What can the Bond Touch App do? | Bond Touch Help Center The Bond Touch App is the Module’s other half. Once you download it, you’ll find that it allows you to do much more than control your Bond Touch’s settings or access your touch history.

Where do you ship from? | Bond Touch Help Center Our warehouses for the US are located in sunny California and, for Europe, they’re in the Ireland.

Can I ship to two different addresses? | Bond Touch Help ... If you and your partner live far away from each other, sending the set of Bond Touch to the same address can sometimes be an inconvenience. But it is possible to ship to 2 different addresses!

Incompatible smartphone models | Bond Touch Help Center We want everybody to be able to enjoy Bond Touch. But, right now, these phone models are incompatible with Bond Touch due to connectivity issues:

Orders and Payments | Bond Touch Help Center Orders and Payments. Everything regarding costs, refunds, payment options and options for spares.

Bond Touch App Glossary | Bond Touch Help Center The App has a few icons and visual elements. We try to make them as intuitive as possible, obviously, but in case you’re unsure about any of them, you’ve come to the right place!

How to care for my Bond Touch | Bond Touch Help Center Like a great friend, the Bond Touch is relatively low-maintenance and always there for you when you need it. To keep it in the best conditions, we recommend:

Can I pair with more than 2 people? | Bond Touch Help Center Right now, the bracelets only work in pairs. So you can only connect with one special person at a time. But we are contemplating a family solution for the future.

Product Specifications | Bond Touch Help Center Product Specifications. Here's any specific details regarding Bond Touch's hardware and software.

Which countries do you ship to? | Bond Touch Help Center We are currently shipping to Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Hungary ...

How to Care for Your Bond Touch | Bond Touch Help Center Your Bond Touch Module. The Bond Touch Module contains the battery. The average battery life is around 3-4 days, depending on your frequency of use.

Share personal data feature | Bond Touch Help Center The Bond Touch is designed to help people grow closer together and develop happy and healthy relationships. One feature you and your partner can use is Share Personal Data: if you do, you’ll get to see where each of you is (just on a county level, nothing too specific), what the weather is like over there and what’s the local time.

I'm not receiving/sending my partner's touches - iOS ... 3. Make sure iOS system settings are properly configured. In case none of the above worked so far, it helps to have your iPhone system make a fresh reconfiguration of the pairing process in case something went wrong along the way.

Shipping costs | Bond Touch Help Center The shipping costs to the United States, Australia, Europe, New Zealand, depends on your location. You can check the shipping costs to your address on the checkout page.

My country is not on your list of countries you deliver to ... Right now, we're only able to ship and service countries indicated here.. We’d love to be able to ship everywhere and to help create a world connected by healthier, happier relationships but we're still a growing company.

Popular Topics | Bond Touch Help Center Popular Topics . Here are some of the newest and most sought out topics!

Product Details | Bond Touch Help Center Bond Touch module. The module is the heart of the Bond Touch, the bit that lights up and gently mimics your touch from a distance. It has these features:

Do I need a smartphone to use Bond Touch? | Bond Touch ... Oh yes. For your Bond Touch modules to stay connected, a smartphone is absolutely necessary to run the Bond Touch app. It needs to have bluetooth connectivity and to …

Privacy Policy | Bond Touch Help Center Oct 22, 2020  · BOND TOUCH | PRIVACY POLICY | OCTOBER 22, 2020

Technical Requirements | Bond Touch Help Center Connection & Range What connectivity methods are required and how far is the bracelet's connectivity range.

Legal | Bond Touch Help Center Oct 24, 2017  · All articles regarding legal information. Information Manual The usual information provided in the Bond Touch Manual

What happens if I change my phone number? | Bond Touch ... If you change your phone number, you have to create a new Bond Touch account using your new phone number. You’ve been through this before, you know how easy it is: just set up your Bond Touch again.

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Bond Touch


BOND is a vision for truly personalised wearables, with style, soul and substance. Bond is customisable and modular, so users have the freedom to mix and match the core functions they need to truly enhance their individual lifestyles. It also boasts a striking design, the brainchild of high fashion and jewellery designer Eric Van Buren Wright, accompanied by a delightful user experience. Embracing a new paradigm due with wearables, Kwamecorp is proud to present the Bond paired module, a module that gently tickles when the other is touched. Touch to stay in touch with your soulmate via a one-to-one connection.

Founded: 2013

Headquarters: San Francisco

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