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  • inetnum : -
  • name : AMAZO-CF
  • handle : NET-13-224-0-0-2
  • status : Reallocated
  • created : 1995-01-23
  • changed : 2020-03-31
  • organization :, Inc.
  • handle : AMAZON-4
  • address : Array,SEATTLE,WA,98101-1244,US
Technical support
  • handle : ANO24-ARIN
  • name : Amazon EC2 Network Operations
  • phone : +1-206-266-4064
  • email : [email protected]
  • handle : AEA8-ARIN
  • name : Amazon EC2 Abuse
  • phone : +1-206-266-4064
  • email : [email protected]

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  • Host name:
  • IP address:
  • Location: Seattle United States
  • Latitude: 47.6348
  • Longitude: -122.3451
  • Metro Code: 819
  • Timezone: America/Los_Angeles
  • Postal: 98109

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  • +421619 rank in 90 days
  • Reach Rank: 943,718
  • Reach Rank: 943,718
  • Global Rank: 1,045,379
  • N/A Rank: N/A

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AIMMS developer and HiDPI displays | AIMMS Community Aug 05, 2019  · Hi, AIMMS developer does not scale properly with high resolution displays that are becoming the norm at laptops, and as a result, it either shows everything blurry, or the UI is too small to read (depending on the scaling option of Windows). While the editor font size can be changed to …

Displaying "0" values | AIMMS Community Jan 23, 2021  · hi all,sorry for the trivial question but was trying to figure out:how to force aimms to show “0” values for parameters and variables/results and correspondingly exporting those parameters to excel with “0”at the moment, whenever the parameter or variable has “0” is appears as empty line/cell.any hi...

Element Parameter not giving results | AIMMS Community Feb 22, 2021  · Looking at screenshots can anyone tell me why the element parameter Calc(i,t) is not getting calculated? The problem comes when I am using ‘shift’ unit of measurement. If I use standard units like day or hour, the element parameter gives correct answer.I need the …

Layout question | AIMMS Community Hi all, Quite new to this WebUI thing in AIMMS, not so new to AIMMS itself (have done some things with AIMMS before….. ). (Edit: after posting the question, I see the forum classifies me as an AIMMS newcomer …. ) I am starting to understand the whole concept with rows/columns in the layout, but not...

Duplicate columns error | AIMMS Community Dear community, When I try to solve the attached model, I get the following errors: Warning: The columns "TransportToCustomer(Warehouse1,Customer5,038.001,1)" and "TransportToCustomer(Warehouse1,Customer399,038.001,1)" are equal in the generated mathematical program "LeastCostPlan". This may lead...

non anticipativity constraint | AIMMS Community Dear all, I must to set the non anticipativity constraints in aimms for the stochastic problem.Then for s scenarios and x decision variable I must to write thatx1=x2=x3=..xsHow can I write this in aimms?Thanks

We're here for you | AIMMS Community The AIMMS Community has your back! Get answers, share your experience, and stay up to date on latest news and releases

AIMMS 4.74 Released | AIMMS Community Jun 23, 2020  · Today (23 June 2020) we released the AIMMS 4.74.1 Feature Release, including: Scaling linear models in the Math Program Inspector ODH-CPLEX Solver Updated to Version 5.0 WebUI Item Actions Improved Bubble Chart Widget Missing Values and Areas in Line Charts Sorting Dates in a Table Online Function R...

Creating Subset probem | AIMMS Community Hi, I simply need to make a subset “test” of range from 0 to 10 of set “timehour” which the range is from 0 to 140 But I don’t archieve to do it see picture.When i range “test” from 0 to 100 or more It works but when I’m below 100 it doesn’tHelp me pls

example for reading JSON files | AIMMS Community Mar 05, 2021  · I looked into the example of the dex:: library and I tried the DataExchange example. However I still have trouble to get started in my own program. I want to read a JSON file like given in the attachment and use the data in some variables in my AIMMS program. Could someone help me with a …

Product Updates | AIMMS Community Product Updates. Get the latest product news and previews of what's to come. Share your feedback with product owners.

How to make a linechart solid and dotted over the x-axis ... Sep 25, 2020  · I have a parameter over weeks with historic and forecast info. I want the historical week to be a dotted line and from the current week onwards a solid line. I use an annotation ‘dash’ and created a string parameter that have dash for the historic weeks. I added this as annotation the parameter, but...

How to Use Alternative MIP Solutions with CPLEX Solution ... In his blog post K Best Solutions, Paul Rubin provides some information on how to obtain the K best solutions for a MIP model. One of the approaches he discusses is the solution pool functionality of CPLEX. In this article, we demonstrate how to use the solution pool feature of CPLEX in AIMMS using the the same binary knapsack problem used by Paul.

summation constraint | AIMMS Community my other idea is to declare the set Lines as: {Line1, Line2, Line3} or {1,2,3} or {Line12, Line13, Line23} but as I tell AIMMS that Line1 goes from node 1 to node 2.

Error Opening Excel Workbook. No such file or directory ... Hi. I tried to follow the tutorial to read the data from excel. I have manually inserted the data for the sets of the index c,t and r in AIMMS. Then, I must set a 3-dimensional parameter, e.g. waste(c,t,r) as shown in the picture below. I wish to insert the data for the parameter by using the axll f...

Contribution to the Handbook of Smart Energy Systems ... Mar 28, 2021  · Enter your username or e-mail address. We'll send you an e-mail with instructions to reset your password.

Modelling Question - if-then constraint | AIMMS Community Jun 27, 2020  · Dear all, I would really like to seek for your kind help regarding an if-then constraint. I found in the community a similar topic but my condition is a bit different from that, therefore I want to show my case and ask for your tips again. Specifically, I have the following variables: A: decis...


What is the status code of job list on AIMMS PRO? | AIMMS ... Oct 07, 2020  · Hello, We load back job data (optimization infos) from AIMMS PRO to the user session. I would like to display the status of the job. I only found the status code parameter but nothing about what is the status code list and meaning.

AIMMS Developer | AIMMS Community AIMMS Developer. Topics about getting started or leveling up as an AIMMS developer. Datalinks, AIMMS language, building apps...

Modelling question - if then constraint | AIMMS Community Dear Staff, I would like your tips for an if-then constraint. In particular, I have the following variables: R, binary variable P, continuous variable Y, continuous variable I have the following parameters: A B The constraints I would like to write are the following: 1) if R=1 then...

"Filter" display set labels Linechart via ... Hi, I have a line chart in where we show stock levels per day. For example for a period of 3 months ( 90 days, in a widget with column width 7. However, in the WebUI, the labels on the x-axis are empty: Toggle full-screen gives the following result: So I was thinking, let’s use a elementtextid...

Study 1 | AIMMS Community Study 1: Anticipate Best- and Worst-Case Operations Scenarios This study can help you understand exposure in your supply chain. Impact – Prolonged shutdowns will have both financial and operation implications, which are often very difficult to realize due to the …

New WebUI Advanced User Interaction Course on Academy ... Apr 06, 2021  · Hi Community ! We have a new WebUI course available on AIMMS Academy. This course provides an overview of the most important visual design elements in our WebUI, allowing you to create a great user experience for your AIMMS apps. The course was developed with our partners at UniSoma, Gabriela Servid...

Multi-Objective using CPLEX 12.8 | AIMMS Community Oct 24, 2019  · Hi,I am working on 2 multi-objective problem with two objective functions (one is to maximize the lecturers’ preference and the other is to maximize students’ preference). I have many constraints and only one decision variable (for the first problem) …

Why does the order of my set change? | AIMMS Community Hi Bjorn, the elements in the set are based on the order that they are read in. However, if you have some hardcoded references to elements within your model (e.g. in a constraint or variable or parameters you use something like if d = ‘7’), then these elements will come first in your sets when reading them because AIMMS already ‘knows’ about these elements.

Read Excel on Cloud | AIMMS Community Apr 16, 2021  · I wanted to know how is one supposed to take input from excel sheet when I publish my app on Cloud. I have tried uploading the excel sheet on cloud but I’m not sure how to locate the file on cloud and read data from that. Could you please guide me …

Partner Spotlight: Oliver Nunn from Endgame Economics on ... Apr 13, 2021  · Not many people know that several electricity markets in Asia have been modeled and optimized using AIMMS. This includes some of the largest state grids in the region. When we heard that Oliver Nunn, a leading consultant in this area and an AIMMS …

AIMMS SC Navigator | AIMMS Community Article The journey to creating a more intuitive user experience in AIMMS SC Navigator An interview with UX Designer Thomas Pleeging AIMMS takes pride in providing a great user experience, both in SC Navigator applications and through our WebUI, which provides a toolkit for AIMMS developers to deliver a great-looking user interface in their Apps.

Ant-Colony Optimization | AIMMS Community Thanks for the question Farhan. We’ve recently used an ant colony optimization method in our just released demand forecasting app. In this app we use it to refine the forecast model each period when we get new actual demand data.

Announcing the AIMMS-MOPTA Optimization Modeling ... Feb 22, 2021  · This year marks the 13th edition of the AIMMS-MOPTA Optimization Modeling Competition. This year's MOPTA conference will be held at Lehigh University from August 2-4, 2021.The 13th Optimization Modeling Competition is now open and submissions are due by May 21st, 2021. The goal of this year's competition is to develop frameworks to solve the H-SARA (Home - Service …

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Analytics Software Company

AIMMS is a prescriptive analytics software company with offices in the Netherlands, United States, China and Singapore. It has two main product offerings that provide modeling and optimization capabilities across a variety of industries. The AIMMS Prescriptive Analytics Platform allows advanced users to develop optimization-based applications and deploy them to business users. AIMMS SC Navigator, launched in 2017, is built on the AIMMS Prescriptive Analytics Platform and provides configurable Apps for supply chain teams. SC Navigator provides supply chain analytics to non-advanced users.

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